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Bryan Tublin

Owner & Co-Founder, Kitava

Bryan was a product manager in the tech industry and while recovering from a serious injury, he realized that eating healthy is not easy if you are eating out. Bryan started a restaurant business because he believes that you can be your best self if you are healthy and you can give all the gifts that you have to others if you are healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Food is the foundation for being healthy and so his restaurant offers hearty meals without using gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts, refined sugar and seed oils. He offered some great suggestions for people who are planning to enter the business world. He said that first think about why you are starting one and when the business would be successful, what your life would be like and is that actually what you want. Secondly, figure out as quickly as possible the most important assumptions if your idea would be successful or not. He also experienced that systems and processes that worked initially may not work when you see a good growth. So having the right leadership with clearly defined roles and outcome is very important.

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