Using technology to keep the elderly population safe

Neil Tantingco

Founder and CEO,
Connected Home Living

Neil explained that the majority of the seniors fall in bedrooms and bathrooms. Some of the available solutions provide wearable devices that the seniors don’t wear in the bedroom and bathroom. Camera based solutions are also not practical because of the privacy issues. Neil’s connected home solution offers the following:

  1. Radar based sensors that are installed on the walls or  the ceilings and have no cameras to maintain privacy.
  2. AI based learning that notices any change in pattern. Then make use of the remote care coordinators to proactively check upon the well being of the seniors.
  3. Use a bed sensor to issue an alert for people who get out of the bed when their health doesn’t allow them to walk without supervision.


Neil says that having mentors and the ability to listen actively are big factors that have contributed to his success.

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